Sunday, December 11, 2011

APGENCO Sub Engineers Model Paper Questions- Useful Books

Andhra Pradesh Power Generation Corporation (Apgenco) shall conduct written examination for the posts of Sub-Engineers in various branches. Following are model / previous questions useful for the applicants of APGENCO Sub-Engineers / Junior Plant Assistant (JPAs). Questions are given for the branches of Electrical / Mechanical/ Electronics/ Civil and also for Section-B of the written test. Candidates can follow below mentioned useful books which are available in all famous book stalls.

APGENCO Sub-Engineers Exam Model Questions:

Electrical Branch Model Questions:

1. 220/440, single phase, 11 KV transformer have resistant P.U. is 0.02 on L.V. side. What is the S.V. side resistance?

a) 0.02
b) 0.01
c) 0.04
d) 0.08
Answer: a

2. Insulation of the cable can be measured by?

a) Meggr
b) Kelvin's double bridge
c) Maxwells bridge
d) Schearing bridge
Answer: d

Mechanical Model Questions:

1. DE LAVAL turbine is?

a) Pressure compound impulse turbine
b) Velocity compound impulse turbine
c) Simple single wheel impulse turbine
d) None
Answer: c

2. Fuel injector is used in?

a) S.I. Engines
b) Gas engine
c) C.I. engines
d) None
Answer: c

Electronics Model Questions:

1. Decade counter requires flip flops?

a) 2
b) 4
c) 10
d) 100
Answer: b

2. The C.R.O. input impedance in order of?

a) 10 ohms
b) 100 ohms
c) 10 k ohms
d) 1 m ohms
Answer: d

Civil model questions:

1. The relationship between Cd, Cv, Cc,?

a) Cd=Cc+Cv
b) Cd=Cc+Cv-1
c) Cd=Cc Cv
d) None
Answer: c

Section-B Model Questions for EEE, Mechanical and ECE Branches:

1. Economizer improve bro boiler efficiency by?

a) 1 to 15 %
b) 4 to 10%
c) 10 to 12%
d) 15 to 20%
Answer: b

2. Water hammering effect displace in?

a) ten stocks
b) surge tank
c) craft tube
d) turbine
Answer: a

Useful / Recommended Books for Objective Questions:

1. Electrical: J.B. Gupta, Rajput
2. Mechanical: R.S. Kurmi, R.K.Bansal
3. Electronics: J.P. Singh
4. Instrumentation: A.K. Sahney
5. ECET: Falcon Series
6. Civil: Rangachari
7. Section - B : Power Plant Engineering: Rajput